Ms.Taiyisha Foward is our acting school counselor who works with the students to reach their goal of graduation.  She helps the students with many things such as career planning, applying to college, preparing to take their ACT's, completing the FAFSA and developing a plan for themselves and their children after graduation.  Ms. Foward can be reached at 419-720-4520.




College Credit Plus provides an exciting and valuable opportunity for eligible students in grades 7-12 to take college courses and to earn both high school and college credit.  Polly Fox Academy is partners with Owens Community College for College Credit Plus.  If the student takes courses through Owens Community College, there is no charge to the family; the cost of tuition, fees, and textbooks is covered by Polly Fox Academy and Owens Community College.  Students have the option of attending other universities but might have limited costs.

Benefits for students and their families include:

  • Early exposure to college coursework, rigor, and expectations
  • Challenging coursework options
  • Cost-effective way to earn college credits
  • Earn credit for both high school and college requirements
  • Grades become a permanent part of both the high school and college record