Here are some ongoing school organizations that students can get involved in at PFA:

  • After school parenting program
  • Girl Scouts
  • Student Advisory Committee
  • Student Council
  • Teen Pep
  • Young Women of Excellence 

The staff at Polly Fox are dedicated to making our school a positive alternative educational facility.  Many positives are built into our curriculum.

1.  Academic and Attendance Incentives
2.  Honor Roll Awards
3.  Career Program Incentives
4.  Art Museum Collaboration
5.  Social Evetns
6.  Counseling Services
7.  Tutorial Assistance
8.  Childcare ReferralRresource
9.  Art Therapy
10.  Parenting Workshops for dads
11.  Educational Field Trips
12.  Special Education services
13.  School Newspaper
14.  Senior Week
15.  Zoo Trip