Staff Directory

For general information about Polly Fox Academy or to learn how to enroll, please call

(419) 720-4500. 



Allen, Kristin Health/Physical Education Teacher  419-720-4605
Allore, Eric Assistant Principal 419-720-4581
Caldwell, Soyini English Teacher  419-720-4603
Cotner, Craig Principal/Superintendent  419-720-4519
Durgin, Joan Director of Development 419-720-4593
Eaton, Willie Student Support  419-720-4517
Ferguson, Salena Social Worker  419-720-4580
Greene, Jama Coordinator of Grants, School Programs, & Outreach 419-720-4532
Hamer, Michelle Special Education 419-720-4594
Kristof, Mary Secretary  419-720-4500
Miranda, Elenita Math Teacher 419-720-4533
Phillips, James Dean (Acting) 419-720-4531
Reid, Ramsey Assistant to Treasurer 419-720-4585
Welch, Patrick Science Teacher  419-720-4602
Wells, Caroline Parent Education Coordinator  419-720-4507
Wood, Leslie Counselor  419-720-4520
Zelei, Patricia Treasurer