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Parent Education

Ms. Caroline
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As the Parent Education Coordinator at Polly Fox Academy I would like to share some information about the parent program. There are a variety of courses as well as workshops, individual consultations and an after school program offered to Polly Fox students. Classes are generally project based and designed to be relevant to each student's personal situation. The following classes include a lab segment in which students spend one class session weekly interacting with the babies at the Toledo Day/Polly Fox Nursery.

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Parenting A: Understanding family patterns, recognizing and preventing abuse, and building skills for healthy relationships.

Parenting B: Putting together a PowerPoint on the five cognate areas of development. Students design lesson plans and use them during lab.

Parenting C: Focuses on the developing hierarchy of the brain in early childhood as well as special needs children.

Parenting D: Disciplining through Love and Logic, understanding the different parenting styles and long-term effects.

In addition to these classes, two independent study courses are offered. One class focuses on pregnancy and the newborn baby, the other focuses on the first year of baby's life.

Two other courses included in the parent program are R-Rules and Red Cross. These courses do not include participation in daycare lab.

R Rules: Students develop skills for self-sufficiency and identifying and using resources in the world of school and work.

Red Cross: Students in this course will get first aid and CPR certification. Students will also learn about safety in the environment, blood borne pathogens and the use of epinephrine.