Bullying Policy

The Polly Fox Academy is pleased to inform you that we are making a concerted, holistic effort in bullying prevention and intervention.  We are dedicated to bullying, harassment and intimidation prevention for all of our staff and students at all of our locations. 
The following information is a guideline as to what is being done at the Polly Fox Academy to serve that goal.


Bullying is more than just not getting along with someone or getting into an argument.  Bullying is the repetitive, hostile and intentional harm of another individual that is committed by an individual or group of individuals.  There are 4 primary types of bullying that are addressed at the Phoenix Academy:

  1. Physical Bullying consists of actual harm to another individual’s body. Examples include hitting, kicking and punching.
  2. Verbal Bullying takes the form of threats, teasing and name calling.
  3. Relational Bullying is an indirect form of bullying, but is equally or even more harmful than other forms.  Relational Bullying takes the form of gossip, rumors or intentional exclusion of another individual.
  4. Cyber-Bullying is the use of any electronic means to repetitively threaten, defame, tease, or ridicule another individual. Examples include harmful or threatening text messages, IMs, or emails, and posts on social networks such as Facebook, mySpace, Instagram, Twitter, etc. This list includes photos and tagged photos.

Every student at the Polly Fox Academy deserves to enjoy our school equally, and feel safe, secure and accepted.  It is our goal to promote an inclusive, accepting environment at our school. Please know that any form of bullying will not be tolerated.  If you experience bullying or are witness to a bullying incident on the way to or from school, or anywhere at school, please notify a staff member immediately. 
All reports will be handled swiftly and anonymously.

 If you are uncomfortable or unable to report an incident in person, please click here to complete the Bullying Incident Report Form. (Please note that even though the form requests a first and last name, those fields are not required.)