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Ms. Caldwell
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Taking four years of English can be monotonous for students. At Polly Fox not only do you have the opportunity to take unique English courses, but you also have options that fit your needs and will fulfill your credits for English.

Option 1 : (1 to 2 years of credits) - Students who are working on a World Studies or American Studies credit may also enroll in an English class that is taught as a "block class." Your English class will be taught and your credit will be earned separately from your social studies credit, but the class will reinforce and coincide with what you are learning in the social studies class in which you are enrolled. The literature we read is based on the time period you are covering in your social studies class.
Option 2: (1 to 2 years of credits) - Students who would benefit from a Basic English class may take English 1 & 2 for their 9th and 10th grade years of English. This course focuses on practicing and improving students' reading and writing skills, as well as, studying and analyzing various types of literature.
Option 3: (1 to 4 years of credit) - Students who prefer working independently may take 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th grade English through NovaNET. These are computer-based classes that are supplemented with reading and writing assignments.
Option 4: (1 to 2 years of credits) - Students who have fulfilled their 9th and 10th grade credits may take one or both of the following classes:
  • Senior Composition - This class is designed to analyze and apply composition and rhetoric skills. Creative writing and research-based projects are also implemented into the curriculum.

  • Contemporary Literature - This class is designed to focus on poetry, short stories, essays, and novels that are written mostly from the 1930's up through modern day literature.